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The kitty's experiment
2014 reflection (X-post) 
26th-May-2016 09:33 pm
No big changes in this aspect.

Yay good health for 2014. Only had to call in sick for work once for 2 consecutive days.

Work was busy. Took on a major role in at my workplace by crunching a lot of data. I'm doing rather well in that area. However, the biggest thing for me at work was being recognised by my reporting officer. It was a weird feeling, but all in all still a good feeling.

Songs of special mention:
Alex Goot - See Through Me and Right Where I Belong,
Zedd feat. Hayley Williams Stay the Night
Owl City - Wolf Bite, Up All Night, This Isn't the End, Tokyo, Beautiful Times

Movie of the year for me:
Big Hero 6

Not much of a development this year other than a bulk purchase of 36" beach balls. Also helped some to acquire some Lion King inflatables.

Kuala Lumpur and Seattle in June and Chicago in December. Mini camp in neighbouring Malaysia for work purposes too.

Had 2 chalets again this year. It was great to see other younger members take up the mantle to host major furry local events. I was on the committee of the 2nd one.
I helped to host a bunch of foreign fursuiters from Netherlands who were here for work. That was a lot of fun!
Made a surprise appearance at my colleague's wedding lunch by putting Mik on.
I made it to my 2nd US furry convention ever - Midwest Furfest. Met so many people there and of course, much fun was had.

What was new in 2014:
Changed my router, and new webcam (but my PC can't support it). Attending my first (legendary) toy room party. Being involved in an actual large scale emergency.

Hopes for 2015:
Being able to roll well with the major changes that's going to happen this year. Maybe cutting back (or even cutting loose if I'm lucky) of bad habits.
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