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The kitty's experiment
2013 recap post 
31st-Dec-2013 11:24 pm
Dad officially retired this year, but he still has been keeping himself busy. Mum has been taking care of Grandma much more.

Felt the onset of the same respiratory illness as last year a couple of times, but managed to control them before it became full-blown. Went for an eye operation for a retina tear (last operation was 4 years ago)

Had another 2 new bosses again this year.
Workload-wise, I felt bullied this year as I was given 5 different types of clients to contend with, on top of my other existing responsibilities. I was certainly stretched and admit I did not do a very good job taking care of my core business.
But, the biggest thing for me in relation to work was the people element as politics took on a whole new meaning for me.

Songs of special mention:
Alex Goot’s renditions of How to Save a Life, Time After Time, A Thousand Miles, Lights, Daylight, 22, and Iris. And not forgetting his original song Sensitivity that started it all. Also, Kurt Hugo Schneider’s version of Cups.

This is Year #4 of not doing anything major in terms of toy packing. I managed to pull off filling up an entire room filled with 24” and 36” beach balls with the help of some. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vWyXd_hrX8
Also, finally attained a toy that was designed by Alexia himself.

East Malaysia

Had 2 chalets this year, to make for the missing one last year. The 2nd chalet was mainly to celebrate Rygar’s ORD. We had special guests attend the 2nd chalet, but work held me back from having too much fun. I was also part of a music video that was filmed at the 2nd chalet.
AFA later in the year was a big deal as we had guests from Japan, Hong Kong, Australia and Malaysia join us. A hotel suite was also booked to accommodate the local suiters.
No other conventions due to work restrictions.

What was new in 2013:
Spectacles, Windows tablet, ask.fm account, identity card, Android phone, bags, shoes, battery packs

I’ve read more versions about my personality. Kiersey describes mine to fall under the category of an artisan. On further reflection, one of the reasons why I’m drawn to furry is because of the creativity that it stands for. Also, one of the reasons why I felt very dry this year was because I personally didn’t have an outlet for creativity outside of my work.

I probably only ‘lived’ towards the last part of 2013 since for the 1st 11 months was spent doing work and being confused with my feelings. In 2014, I intend to make it better by finding more opportunities to create more outlets for creativity to flow outside of work.
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