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The kitty's experiment
29th birthday report 2012 
1st-Nov-2012 05:51 pm
First, there was the 6-course casual fine dining at Zero Zero with Randae on the Friday before the 31st. Highlight was the braised beef tendon with buttery bread sticks. Thanks to Randae for my first ever fine dining experience.

The day after was fursuit bowling with the local SGFurs + Hirohusky at Yishun SAFRA. Each event's attendance gets bigger and bigger, so I won't want to attempt to name everyone who
turned up. I did play the 3rd and final game in suit and paired up with Randae. I managed to get 3 spares out of 5 turns. Then, there was a birthday celebration with Zooks. Thank you to all who were present at the meet and the birthday cake and celebrations.

On my birthday itself, I suited up and walked around Darklurker's neighbourhood as I did 2 years ago and the year before that. Again, these meets get bigger and bigger each year. It was fun helping to liven up the atmosphere with the fellow fursuiters while the rest of the kids were trick-or-treating. Again, thank you for all those in attendance, be it hosting, suiting, spotting, photo-taking or video-taking.

Thank you for giftarts from Alexia, Rovanoak, Rawr and Silverfox.

Thank you for presents from parents, brother's family, Vee, CTWolf, Tiger of the Wind, Hollud, and even fish snacks from one my colleagues.

Thanks to the following who left me birthday wishes:
IM: Junias, Rovanoak, Ronin Foxtail
Twitter: Kamsirius, Toasty, Reinhardt, Kiyo, Fairbank, Makks
Text/SMS: Whitefang, Galendor, Silverfox, Ark; non furry friends Linfeng, Hanrong, Suzanne, Samuel, Esther
FA: Whitefang, Kenku, Smileetiger, Ipequey, Xander, Alexia, Stratos00771
1st-Nov-2012 10:00 am (UTC)
Belated happy birthday :)
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