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The kitty's experiment
Anthrocon 2012 report 
24th-Jun-2012 09:31 pm

Disclaimer: For those of you that find this con report familiar, it’s because I mostly plagiarised it from Ran-dae…which is kinda understandable. After all, we did hang out together a lot.

The flight out was on 12/6 at 6 am, so Ran-dae and DL agreed to be at the airport before midnight the night before. (Note for my planey watcher… SGP –B777-200-> NRT —B777-200(didn’t change plane actually)-> MSP –A319-> PIT.) The flight itself was mostly bearable by watching movies all the blockbusters, watching Ran go trigger happy with camera, and sleeping a little. 23 hours later (Oh shi~ RLY?!), baggage and security didn’t turn out to be too much of an issue. We arrived in Pittsburgh 6pm the same day (Math don’t add up when you cross timezones srsly -_-) and immediately jumped in a cab to head to the hotel (Black lady cab driver FTW). We explored a little of downtown Pittsburgh whilst grabbing dinner at Arby's. Then we explored the rooms at the Westin used by the con and their newly renovated pool. I decided we weren’t going swimming, then it was back to the hotel room for some shut eye.
Furry related: When we reached the hotel, I met Reylith from MiDFur 2009. He, too, had arrived early from a long long away Australia. Waggable takes props for being the first fursuiter to turn up at AC2012.

We were out of the hotel room at 7-ish and headed down to McDonald's for breakfast, followed by grocery shopping at CVS next door. We headed back to the hotel afterwards to drop off the stuff and we were out the door again. Darklurker was hospitable to bring us on a little tour around Pittsburgh before the con started. At least I’ve got some alibi to tell folks back at home where I had gone.
From here onwards, it’s all furry related: When we got back to the hotel, we lingered around the hotel lobby to try to spot any familiar faces (*coughcreepycough*). I recognized Chillymouse and took a gamble by calling out her name. Chillymouse and Xander chatted with us a bit until the hotel staff indirectly chased us up to the Zoo. Jake (Jackal) was in his partial in the Zoo prancing around and giving out hugs. Soon, Chilly had to report for her con duties so DL, Ran and I headed over to Furnandos for lunch, doggy bowls and t-shirts. But just before lunch, we dropped by the con ops room and found kuddlepup and chatted a bit. Then it was back to the Zoo, where we met Chilly and Xander, thesonicgod with his lunch in a yellow doggy bowl and Ash from England, while I periodically checked the con ops room to see if a certain con staff had already arrived.
Later on at about 4pm, we received Junias and Norstein, then headed out for dinner takeout at Leslov’s. Their gyros had so much meat, that I couldn’t finish it in one sitting. I left about a fifth of the gyro and went downstairs where I caught up with Shortwave. We chatted and I let him try a Longan and Red Date drink. Later on, I suited up a bit and met up with Kodi. He immediately recognised us from Singapore, so that’s a huge plus. I visited the Westin’s headless zone for the very first time, which was not as cold as I thought it would be. We went back to the room, I finished up my gyro, showered and turned in.

We woke up at about 9am since we didn’t set any alarms and then the five of us headed to Furnandos for breakfast, where I ate cereal out of a doggie bowl. We went back to hotel room to pick up our identification stuff. Then, DL showed us around DLCC and then registration, where Ari served us. We did this too-many-questions furry survey afterwards, then back to aimless roaming. I spotted a familiar face near the main ballroom in the DLCC and called Tzup. Ran and I accompanied him registration and he introduced us to more of his friends, then eventually back up to his room. There, we met Skippy, Jimmy, EP, Howee and Da-Fox. I suited up and re-joined them back in the room where we chilled. Some time later, JD made an appearance too till dinner.
I met up with DL back in the room while de-suiting and headed off to dinner at an Asian fusion restaurant with DL, Ran, Skippy, Jimmy, EP, Tzup and Wyoon. I got back in suit again after dinner and romped a bit. Met Coopertom Cat form and Greenreaper. I checked out the DLCC’s headless zone which was way more impressive and checked out the dance just for a while. I really liked what they did with the place, and the sound was fantastic too. We headed back and turned in shortly.

We woke up rather late, so we grabbed a quick bite at Furnandos, then it was back to suit up, *cough* I mean put Ran-dae in Mik, for the Opening Ceremonies. Next, we queued up for the knighting ceremony by Grandma Kage for the Fursuit badge. While waiting, I chatted up with Sweet Tiger. This was followed by looking around briefly the Dealer's Den and Artist Alley where we got a fursuit band from a Dorsai. I also finally managed to meet xydexx there. Then, we headed back to the hotel room for Mik to change out and we all headed out to attend our own panels on fursuit care and maintenance. This was followed by the fursuit meet and greet, which somehow didn’t happen of sorts.
Ran wanted to go on ahead to watch the Fursuit charades, while I chanced it by going up to Shortwave’s room. I was lucky to find him inside with his boyfriend just heading out. Then, he inflated an Intex shark and PP wolf, while I changed out of Mik. Spike and Chance also turned up later. Whilst there, I started geeking out on inflatable toys, showing Shortwave how to fold toys and putting back in their boxes. I also demonstrated a speed run of how to fold a beach ball to Spike. I had to leave the mini-meet early for dinner at Hanlon’s with DL, Ran, Junias, Norstein, Zeph and Gyro at about 6.
After dinner, Junias, Norstein, Ran and I went to the Zoo to meet up with the U&G furs for a short while because Makks turned up at the Zoo after work. He was already with Manick chatting. Somehow, the conversation led on to the other furs local to him, then Toasty’s name came up. Dante asked me if I wanted to go meet him. So we went up to his suite and he performed a live demonstration of “What’s in Toasty’s pockets”. At about 9pm, Ran and I sent Makks off and we dropped by the Pawpet show and JR’s live performance. Bucktown peeked through the door of JR’s performance and we introduced ourselves. We didn’t stay for long and peeked inside the dance floor before heading back to the hotel room to call it a~ (insert a drunk dragon roommate here first) night.

Breakfast was at Brown Bag Bagel in the hotel. DL and Ran wanted to queue to enter the DD and AA but I wasn’t too impatient, so I took the camera and roamed around. After the queue dispersed, I went into the DD and AA to have a proper look around. My new con swag included a new tail, mood badges from Tani and got a commission of Mik from Hollyann from U&G. On the way back to change up, I chatted a little with Nitroshep in the lobby.
Then DL and I made our way to Hall A for the fursuit photoshoot and parade. While waiting, I hung out with Tzup, followed by Kodi, Skroy and company. The fursuit parade was a breeze compared to what we have in Singapore.
After the parade, there was a request that fursuiters outside of USA meet outside the main ballroom. I re-united with Ran, but I told him I needed to go use the bathroom and told both of them to wait. When I came back, both of them were missing and the Japanese crew was asking for calls for the foreign fursuiters. I nominated myself for Singapore, not knowing where DL went. I found out later that they only needed one representative. I did my thing for the camera and then waited inside the headless zone till the Kodimade photoshoot. Slowly but surely, I met more and more Kodi fursuiters and we chatted a little as time went on. Then we went up to the roof of DLCC where Skroy helped to organise us for the photoshoot.
Dinner was in the diner in the hotel, and I had a burger. On the way back up to the room, I got sidetracked meeting up with Spike. Spike and I made a little detour going up to Shortwave’s room but he wasn’t in. Then, I rushed back to the main ballroom with Ran and DL for Uncle Kage’s story hour. After that, I got back and called it a very early night. It may sound sucky, but like the last time I was in USA, jet lag seems to hit me the hardest around then, so I slept in all the way till the next morning while the other two went about doing stuff.

Breakfast was at Hanlon's at about 8. Then, we went for our panels. Ran and I went to the history of the Fandom, where I got some more insights to what furry is about. Gyro came in an hour into the panel, while Ran left early. Then, I met up with the rest for the fursuit dance competition finals. I thought everyone of the finalists were excellent at their own craft. But maybe I was more biased towards those that were dancing to songs that I knew. After the competition, I suited up and it was back to the ballroom for the Charity Performance, followed by Norstein joined us for closing ceremonies.
After the closing, we hung around to get more pictures taken. We chatted with Jbadger for a bit. I was crazy enough to decide to do dinner in suit. We met up with Golden too. DL managed to find Dingoroo to draw him in the zoo, so we hung around there for a bit before deciding to go to Primanti brothers since the nearby places were closed. Before we made the trek, I did a little thing for Bigbluefox's camera. It definitely was quite the walk, I made it and was worth it. After resting up at the headless zone a bit, I met Flow and they were playing with the ball of yarn. We also visited the dead dog dance a while before calling it a night. I wasn't really quite done for the might yet, and I went up to Shortwave's and Toasty's room to give them most of the goodies we brought from Singapore for them to try. Then, on the way back to the room in the elevator, I got to meet Silver from the dance comp, and told him he did really well.

Breakfast at some bagel shop down the street, went back to the hotel lobby to send furs off from the con. I gave Shortwave the hopper Junias bought for me. Some folks I chatted with include Shay, Ronnie, yippee, Disturbia JD, Tzup, Golden, Chillymouse, Xander, Jimmywolf, Skippy… I apologise if I forgot anyone else. Oh, I passed Xander and Chillymouse the rest of the Singaporean snacks to consume on the way home, or to use for "Spits or Swallows".
When the crowd finally died down, the bunch of us crashed again back in our room, waking up at 7 plus for dinner. We wanted to try out the sushi here, and Sushi Kim it is! 1 big boat of Sashimi! ^.^ The hotel was rather quiet in the evening when we got back and concluded the night with packing.

The bunch of us headed out at 7 to have breakfast at McDonalds again, followed by some last min shopping at CVS. I grabbed chocolates and sweets to bring back to Singapore. All 5 of us and our luggage was able to squeeze into a van cab to the airport.
The flight back to Singapore was somehow unbearable compared to the trip there. Maybe it's because I forced myself to be awake for most of the trip. I watched even more movies on the way back. The plane left late at MSP and again at NRT. We reached back Singapore on Thursday 1 am in the morning. My first US con and I really enjoyed myself, the place, the people and the food.
I would like to thank Darklurker for arranging almost the entire Anthrocon trip as I’m not very much of a planner, but instead rolls with whatever that comes along, and Randae for being an awesome spotter and photographer and most important of all, a very close companion, and all the many awesome furs who I got to know and hang out with.

Thoughts about Pittsburgh:
They have interesting airports in the US in terms of layout. Everything is so spacious and roomy, and so are the streets of Pittsburgh. The weather was okay for me… if there wasn’t any wind blowing. My roommates left the air-con setting to the lowest, which resulted in me having cold paws throughout my time in Pittsburgh, which led to many shocks to my victim XP.
24th-Jun-2012 03:22 pm (UTC)
Yay! It was so nice to meet you. although only briefly. -:D *ponysnuzzles*
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