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The kitty's experiment
2011 recap post  
1st-Jan-2012 11:57 pm

Everyone's good again this year.

I didn't take any medical leave this year. The power of water and rest!

1st year with official title. So much to say but I won't put it here.

Songs of special mention:
Owl City - Alligator Sky, Deer in the Headlights, All About Us (with He Is We), Youtopia with Armin van Buuren),
Parachute - Forever and Always, Avril Lavigne - Smile, Simple Plan feat. Natasha Bedingfield - Jet Lag

Starting to fall back a bit on the toy maintenance aspect, but still manageable overall.

All Malaysia :D - Cameron Highlands, Miri, JB, KL

Suiting still remains fun. More art was commissioned and gifted. Inter-'corruption' of both sides of the inflatable and furry community. Local community really taking off this year, and by this I mean more pro-activeness on all parts.

What was new in 2011:
Getting featured on RazorTV and on the Today newspaper;
Villa experience (private pool FTW), Furry chalet;
New furry FB account;
New people - Phenod, Thomas Kazuki, and Akahi Otter;
Relationship BS~

2011 was one mostly focused on work, trying to find my place, peppered by lots of fun experiences with friends. I noticed my habits are shifting, like weaning off music and the Net (*coughLJcough*), more into work and real life friendships. I would like to see 2012 as a year of learning and moving ahead in several areas of my life.
3rd-Jan-2012 01:50 pm (UTC)
Hope this year is a good one :)
5th-Jan-2012 09:28 am (UTC)
Best wishes for 2012.
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