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The kitty's experiment
Recent Entries 
3rd-Feb-2018 02:07 pm - 2017 reflection (X-post)
My school assigned me the Primary 3 level to teach. They also changed my workload each term, so it was a bit unnerving. At the Primary 3 level, I wasn’t a teacher this year, I was a father to all of the students that I had to care for. My form class was a handful because I was slow to pick up classroom management until towards the end when a teacher was paired alongside me to show me the ropes, and then that’s when I knew how things were supposed to go. I also woke up to the stark reality of the other side of teaching of a class of multiple special needs. Worst of all was that my reporting officer didn’t have the best of impressions of me, and she had spread this idea to the rest of the middle management. Feeling rather discouraged, I was pretty much done with the whole thing and decided to take a break.

Songs of special mention:
SGFurs version of Try Everything
Owl City - Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing and Not All Heroes Wear Capes
The Sam Willows - Save Myself

Movie of the year for me:
Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2

More pooltoys. Ordered a few whales off from Amazon Prime Now launched this year.

Family and Health:
Family is okay. Dad renovated the house slightly. I fell sick a few more times compared to last year. Also went to see government doctor to monitor my eye and suspected Meniere’s disease caused by stress.

Reno, Nevada, Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon and Petaling Jaya

Turned up in support for a panel Kiba did as a fursuit maker at a local arts event, at the same time debuting my fursuit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U31C7Q3QQbo
I went to BLFC this year. I only arrived Saturday afternoon due to work stuffs. Met many friends and some new people. Headed to Seattle and Portland afterwards to meet more people. Then helped a friend bring stuff back to Singapore.
I volunteered for Furum again as head security again. This was again followed by being vice chair of the annual local chalet gathering held yearly two weeks after Furum.
The big collaboration I started last year was finally pieced together and published. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zh0G9eFpwyg
There was a small meet restarted at both STGCC and AFA this year.

What was new in 2017:
Fursuit from Animagus Studios! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeObZhQD55I Rooming with non-Singaporeans at a con, suitcase, sneakers, storage space, room arrangement, appliances for the family, mattress, exercise schedule

Hopes for 2018:
While typing this out, I realised I’ve accomplished much more than last year, but somehow I’m not as satisfied or happy. Maybe it’s the stress from work this year.
With all that happened in 2017, I want to feel happier in 2018. Whether it is finding a job that isn’t as draining as teaching, or working with people on major projects of interest. Also, decluttering and rearranging my room.
1st-Jan-2017 09:51 pm - 2016 reflection (X-post)
I had a change in a workplace this year. For the bulk of 2016, I was trying to get used to my clients who are now younger as compared to previous years, my colleagues and the administrative matters. Like most new experiences for me, it was a bumpy one and I hope to take the experiences that I had this year and improve on in the future in 2017. Most importantly, I felt that I had no regrets in making this decision for change, and will keep at this for a couple of more years. Another thing I would also say is that this new workplace makes me more conscientious about the quality of English that I use.

Songs of special mention:
The Punkens and Home Free’s cover of Try Everything
The Sam Willows - Take Heart and For Love
Chris Tomlin - I Will follow

Movie of the year for me:

Received said IW mass order from last year.

Family and Health:
Nothing worthy of mention in these areas.

Went to Malaysia for a holiday and FURUM convention.

One of my new resolutions this year was to develop my profile and give back something a bit more to the community.
Firstly, I decided to volunteer to work for a furry convention that another good friend was organising. He offered me the head of security role and I took it up. The convention went relatively smoothly and I really enjoyed my entire experience. Two weeks later, I was vice chair of the local chalet gathering held yearly. That too, went relatively smoothly.
Secondly, I kick started a big collaboration with the local artists in the group. As of this post, most of the work has already been done, and has moved on to the compilation and editing phase. I really do hope that it turns out well in the end.
In relation to the rest of the local fandom, it was a fairly low key year. Several acquaintances and other overseas furries visited the island and the local furs and I took turns to bring them around Singapore, showing them a good time.
What was new in 2016:
Visited the newly renovated Indoor stadium, staffing a furry convention and getting PCD afterwards, Pokemon GO which didn’t last for very long, learning cooking from mom which also didn’t last for very long, curtains, standing fan next to my bed, Sony Experia Z5 handphone, fursona re-design.

Hopes for 2017:
Not to be as emo and depressive as I was posting a fair bit of it on social media last year. I also have been inspired to contribute and do more, but let’s see what 2017 has in store. I think 2017 will be a good year.
26th-May-2016 09:36 pm - 2015 reflection (X-post)
No big changes in this aspect.

Had a minor (re-)operation on my chest. Nothing serious.

Work was stressful this year. Work took up a huge chunk of time and work hasn't done that before. Had to help my clients prepare for a major milestone in their lives. Also, found out my current workplace will cease to exist, so I made preparations to be redeployed. As of 2016, I will be at a new workplace.

Songs of special mention:
Onerepublic - I Lived
Owl City - You're My Everything

Movie of the year for me:
Inside Out

Put in a mass order from IW. Nothing else out of the ordinary.

Went with Mum to Perth on a tour package and visited some fuzzy friends during the free days.

It was a rather low key year for me furry wise. Just hosted a few overseas furs while they were here on holiday or work.

What was new in 2015:
Sandals, spectacles, backpack, transition to new workplace. Going on a tour package with mum.

Hopes for 2016:
Hoping to gel with my new colleagues.
26th-May-2016 09:33 pm - 2014 reflection (X-post)
No big changes in this aspect.

Yay good health for 2014. Only had to call in sick for work once for 2 consecutive days.

Work was busy. Took on a major role in at my workplace by crunching a lot of data. I'm doing rather well in that area. However, the biggest thing for me at work was being recognised by my reporting officer. It was a weird feeling, but all in all still a good feeling.

Songs of special mention:
Alex Goot - See Through Me and Right Where I Belong,
Zedd feat. Hayley Williams Stay the Night
Owl City - Wolf Bite, Up All Night, This Isn't the End, Tokyo, Beautiful Times

Movie of the year for me:
Big Hero 6

Not much of a development this year other than a bulk purchase of 36" beach balls. Also helped some to acquire some Lion King inflatables.

Kuala Lumpur and Seattle in June and Chicago in December. Mini camp in neighbouring Malaysia for work purposes too.

Had 2 chalets again this year. It was great to see other younger members take up the mantle to host major furry local events. I was on the committee of the 2nd one.
I helped to host a bunch of foreign fursuiters from Netherlands who were here for work. That was a lot of fun!
Made a surprise appearance at my colleague's wedding lunch by putting Mik on.
I made it to my 2nd US furry convention ever - Midwest Furfest. Met so many people there and of course, much fun was had.

What was new in 2014:
Changed my router, and new webcam (but my PC can't support it). Attending my first (legendary) toy room party. Being involved in an actual large scale emergency.

Hopes for 2015:
Being able to roll well with the major changes that's going to happen this year. Maybe cutting back (or even cutting loose if I'm lucky) of bad habits.
31st-Dec-2013 11:24 pm - 2013 recap post
Dad officially retired this year, but he still has been keeping himself busy. Mum has been taking care of Grandma much more.

Felt the onset of the same respiratory illness as last year a couple of times, but managed to control them before it became full-blown. Went for an eye operation for a retina tear (last operation was 4 years ago)

Had another 2 new bosses again this year.
Workload-wise, I felt bullied this year as I was given 5 different types of clients to contend with, on top of my other existing responsibilities. I was certainly stretched and admit I did not do a very good job taking care of my core business.
But, the biggest thing for me in relation to work was the people element as politics took on a whole new meaning for me.

Songs of special mention:
Alex Goot’s renditions of How to Save a Life, Time After Time, A Thousand Miles, Lights, Daylight, 22, and Iris. And not forgetting his original song Sensitivity that started it all. Also, Kurt Hugo Schneider’s version of Cups.

This is Year #4 of not doing anything major in terms of toy packing. I managed to pull off filling up an entire room filled with 24” and 36” beach balls with the help of some. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vWyXd_hrX8
Also, finally attained a toy that was designed by Alexia himself.

East Malaysia

Had 2 chalets this year, to make for the missing one last year. The 2nd chalet was mainly to celebrate Rygar’s ORD. We had special guests attend the 2nd chalet, but work held me back from having too much fun. I was also part of a music video that was filmed at the 2nd chalet.
AFA later in the year was a big deal as we had guests from Japan, Hong Kong, Australia and Malaysia join us. A hotel suite was also booked to accommodate the local suiters.
No other conventions due to work restrictions.

What was new in 2013:
Spectacles, Windows tablet, ask.fm account, identity card, Android phone, bags, shoes, battery packs

I’ve read more versions about my personality. Kiersey describes mine to fall under the category of an artisan. On further reflection, one of the reasons why I’m drawn to furry is because of the creativity that it stands for. Also, one of the reasons why I felt very dry this year was because I personally didn’t have an outlet for creativity outside of my work.

I probably only ‘lived’ towards the last part of 2013 since for the 1st 11 months was spent doing work and being confused with my feelings. In 2014, I intend to make it better by finding more opportunities to create more outlets for creativity to flow outside of work.
31st-Dec-2012 11:02 pm - 2012 recap post
*snip*Collapse )
2012 was a year I realized that identity is one of the things I hold dearly on to. It’s time to move on, on to bigger and greater… things. Going out on a limb here, my hope in 2013 is to find a hetero potential life partner.
1st-Nov-2012 05:51 pm - 29th birthday report 2012
First, there was the 6-course casual fine dining at Zero Zero with Randae on the Friday before the 31st. Highlight was the braised beef tendon with buttery bread sticks. Thanks to Randae for my first ever fine dining experience.

The day after was fursuit bowling with the local SGFurs + Hirohusky at Yishun SAFRA. Each event's attendance gets bigger and bigger, so I won't want to attempt to name everyone who
turned up. I did play the 3rd and final game in suit and paired up with Randae. I managed to get 3 spares out of 5 turns. Then, there was a birthday celebration with Zooks. Thank you to all who were present at the meet and the birthday cake and celebrations.

On my birthday itself, I suited up and walked around Darklurker's neighbourhood as I did 2 years ago and the year before that. Again, these meets get bigger and bigger each year. It was fun helping to liven up the atmosphere with the fellow fursuiters while the rest of the kids were trick-or-treating. Again, thank you for all those in attendance, be it hosting, suiting, spotting, photo-taking or video-taking.

Thank you for giftarts from Alexia, Rovanoak, Rawr and Silverfox.

Thank you for presents from parents, brother's family, Vee, CTWolf, Tiger of the Wind, Hollud, and even fish snacks from one my colleagues.

Thanks to the following who left me birthday wishes:
IM: Junias, Rovanoak, Ronin Foxtail
Twitter: Kamsirius, Toasty, Reinhardt, Kiyo, Fairbank, Makks
Text/SMS: Whitefang, Galendor, Silverfox, Ark; non furry friends Linfeng, Hanrong, Suzanne, Samuel, Esther
FA: Whitefang, Kenku, Smileetiger, Ipequey, Xander, Alexia, Stratos00771
24th-Jun-2012 09:31 pm - Anthrocon 2012 report
*snip*Collapse )
1st-Jan-2012 11:57 pm - 2011 recap post
*snip*Collapse )

2011 was one mostly focused on work, trying to find my place, peppered by lots of fun experiences with friends. I noticed my habits are shifting, like weaning off music and the Net (*coughLJcough*), more into work and real life friendships. I would like to see 2012 as a year of learning and moving ahead in several areas of my life.
7th-Nov-2011 12:08 pm - 28th birthday report 2011
Saturday, 29 Oct.
There were about 20 of us furs hanging out at SAFRA Yishun for a bowling meet. It started out with Ran-dae meeting me earlier in the morning to help pick up my suit. We then proceeded to go down to the meeting point. I was greeted by several furs and other friends. Mito and CT give me their presents, followed by Alexia. He surprised me by recreating a plush version of Mik, idea co-owned by Rovanoak from Finland. He then told me there's a v2 of it coming my way too. I happily accepted it. I played 2 games of bowling. Helped Ran-dae get in suit. Pics were taken. Crashed a Halloween party that SAFRA was organising and spotted for Ran-dae. Wrapped up about 8.45pm. Walked to Northpoint for dinner. Had Pastamania. Proceeded to cut cake under the void deck of the neighbouring HDB block. Crashed CT's hotel room for a bit afterwards too.

Here's a pic from that event: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6811009/

Thanks to Max, Ryan, Alexia, CTWolf, Gamma052, Nightdragon, Darklurker, Ark, Ran-dae, Micky, Gelidien, Thomas Kazuki, Junias, XKCobraDraconis, Mitofox, Bravewolf, DJAtomika, Hollud, and the Aussie guest Foxover for gracing the bowling occasion.

Thanks to Silverfox, Rovanoak and Alexia, CTWolf and Ran-dae (http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6811169/) for birthday presents and art.

Thanks to Max, Hollud, Ran-dae, Junias, Mitofox, Galendor, Vee, and whitefang for birthday SMS-es.

Thanks to Flameber for the birthday tweet.

Thanks to Reinhardt, Chris Orca, Dario, Fairbank, Nomad and Gyrowoof for belated birthday wishes and tweets.
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