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The kitty's experiment
2016 reflection (X-post) 
1st-Jan-2017 09:51 pm
I had a change in a workplace this year. For the bulk of 2016, I was trying to get used to my clients who are now younger as compared to previous years, my colleagues and the administrative matters. Like most new experiences for me, it was a bumpy one and I hope to take the experiences that I had this year and improve on in the future in 2017. Most importantly, I felt that I had no regrets in making this decision for change, and will keep at this for a couple of more years. Another thing I would also say is that this new workplace makes me more conscientious about the quality of English that I use.

Songs of special mention:
The Punkens and Home Free’s cover of Try Everything
The Sam Willows - Take Heart and For Love
Chris Tomlin - I Will follow

Movie of the year for me:

Received said IW mass order from last year.

Family and Health:
Nothing worthy of mention in these areas.

Went to Malaysia for a holiday and FURUM convention.

One of my new resolutions this year was to develop my profile and give back something a bit more to the community.
Firstly, I decided to volunteer to work for a furry convention that another good friend was organising. He offered me the head of security role and I took it up. The convention went relatively smoothly and I really enjoyed my entire experience. Two weeks later, I was vice chair of the local chalet gathering held yearly. That too, went relatively smoothly.
Secondly, I kick started a big collaboration with the local artists in the group. As of this post, most of the work has already been done, and has moved on to the compilation and editing phase. I really do hope that it turns out well in the end.
In relation to the rest of the local fandom, it was a fairly low key year. Several acquaintances and other overseas furries visited the island and the local furs and I took turns to bring them around Singapore, showing them a good time.
What was new in 2016:
Visited the newly renovated Indoor stadium, staffing a furry convention and getting PCD afterwards, Pokemon GO which didn’t last for very long, learning cooking from mom which also didn’t last for very long, curtains, standing fan next to my bed, Sony Experia Z5 handphone, fursona re-design.

Hopes for 2017:
Not to be as emo and depressive as I was posting a fair bit of it on social media last year. I also have been inspired to contribute and do more, but let’s see what 2017 has in store. I think 2017 will be a good year.
4th-Jan-2017 09:11 am (UTC)
Here's to another year! *cheer*
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