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The kitty's experiment
2012 recap post 
31st-Dec-2012 11:02 pm

Immediate family is all good.

Fell sick a few times throughout the year, due to a combination of laryngitis and bronchitis. Ack germs.

I was dealt a bad hand this year. I had three new responsibilities all at once, and had totally different preparations compared to the previous year, and had four new sub-bosses to contend with to top it all off. I hope it will get better in the next year.

Songs of special mention:
Maroon 5 – Payphone, Galileo Galilei - 明日へ, Simple Plan – Summer Paradise, Linkin Park's Powerless, Owl City’s When Will I See You Again (more because of Wreck-IT Ralph movie)

Still falling back a bit on the toy maintenance aspect, but still manageable overall. Another point of note is getting in contact with the local Intex distributor here, and purchasing a number of cases of 24” beach balls.

Pittsburgh, Brunei and KL

Many memories were made this year with all the events I participated in. Mik is admittedly showing a bit of age, as he's becoming a bit baggy due to all the machine washing. The number in the local group here has gotten big enough to having a need to plan for stuff to accommodate our numbers.

What was new in 2012:
Rang in the new year with furries for the first time. Changed church. New cell group. Playing best man for friend’s wedding. Flew 22 hours each way to a US furry convention with friends. Started a relationship with someone, but didn’t last. Learnt a bit from that relationship. Falling sick at a convention.

2012 was a year I realized that identity is one of the things I hold dearly on to. It’s time to move on, on to bigger and greater… things. Going out on a limb here, my hope in 2013 is to find a hetero potential life partner.
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